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UL 508A

The UL508A certification provides to our customers, the end users, and any applicable governing authority, that the control panel complies with Underwriters Laboratories’ nationally recognized standards.  As an OEM or Panel Shop, our facilities are subject to random inspections and audits by UL representatives. These inspections ensure that Control Design continues to meet the UL508A certification process.  For a control panel to carry the UL508A  Mark, the control panel must contain only UL recognized and listed manufacturers’ components. This designation for each and every component means that UL has evaluated and tested each component and that the components meet the UL508A requirement for the intended application.

Control Design manufactures a number of “standard products” for customers that require UL508A certification for each and every one of the customer’s control panels.  Since these are “standard products”, the control panels are built consistently each and every time, and self-inspection can be performed.  During the random UL inspection, the UL representative will confirm that the UL508A standard is being upheld. If the panels are found to be in compliance, we are permitted to continue manufacturing, apply the UL Label, and ship the products as required.

Other customers require UL certification on a “project-by-project” basis.  CDI will review and make recommendations to the customer in order to be in compliance with the UL508A standard.  The UL representative may be contacted for to perform the inspection or CDI may self-inspect to the UL508A standards.  Finally, some customers and projects do not require UL508A certification and therefore the UL508A standards may not apply.

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