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Often an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is striving for cost reductions in their end product.  They may discover that some of their internal processes are not necessarily core competencies or cost-effective. Many times the OEM’s philosophy is driven by continuous improvement, which may lead to outsourcing one or more of their subassemblies.  Or with business fluctuations, manufacturing bottlenecks occur due to understaffing and/or material delays. CDI has a number of OEM customers that at one time built their own control panels and sub-assemblies in-house. Our solution is to provide a cost-effective control assembly, that not only saves the customer time and money but remove associated bottlenecks, cost overruns, and manpower/staffing issues.  These customers tend to have repeat business as well as standard product, which allows CDI to stock material based on history, forecasts, or the customer’s anticipation of business load.

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