At Control Design, we consider ourselves more than a supplier. We work as your partner providing a competitive advantage as well as superior service and quality. We consistently meet our customers’ expectations and requirements with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectations.

Control Design’s manual aligns with International Standard, ISO 9001:2015. Control Design has developed, and maintains a Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Specifications for Quality

At CDI, we strive ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process. Below are some of the many ways we at CDI go beyond the quality standard of others in the industry:

  • All mounting provisions are drilled and tapped to accept the required component. CDI does not use self-tapping or self-drilling hardware for threading of a component mounting hole.

  • High quality plated hardware used for mounting of all equipment. This includes bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc.

  • Components with increased weight are reinforced with additional stiffening braces, or by using rear mounted swage nuts.

  • All wire insulation is stripped with precision blade type Stripmaster® strippers preventing the insulation from stretching and nicking the conductors. No hand strippers or knives are permitted.

  • All wiring terminations are attached with a positive pressure, ratchet type wire crimper. These calibrated crimpers allow for consistent crimps every time.

  • All wires include marking tags. These tags are either self-laminated wrap-arounds or polyolefin/PVC type sleeves depending on the customer’s specifications.

  • All wire harnesses not contained in wireway are neatly bundled and ty-wrapped. All ty-wrap straps are tension adjusted and cut with the manufacturers recommended tension tools, allowing for consistency and accuracy.

  • All Lamacoid nameplates, ring tags, graphic symbols and mimic displays are manufactured in house.

  • Our Quality Control Department, prior to shipment release, inspects all panels. This inspection includes visual, mechanical and electrical continuity test. No panel is shipped from our facility without this department’s authorization.